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Ignite Your Inner Fire!

If you yearn to burn the dead wood of dissatisfaction and nurture the new shoots of your forgotten dreams then welcome to OneRareBlend, a place for captivating and soul-stirring events, retreats and workshops, where exhilarating adventures and profound self-discovery merge to activate the forces of creativity. If you’ve been yearning for more joy and meaning in your life, this is the place to be.

Picture yourself delving into the fascinating realm of altered states of consciousness, where the boundaries of your current reality blur and new perspectives emerge. Through guided practices, you can explore the depths of your mind, unlocking hidden potentials and tapping into uncharted territories.

I believe in a rounded approach to personal growth and spiritual awareness, which is why I’ve infused the spirit of adventure with the grounding power of yin yoga and breath work (we all have to breathe, right!). The transformative effects of this practice targets body and mind to leave you refreshed, revitalised and yet deeply connected to yourself. Drawing, painting and journalling are added to the mix to further strengthen the imaginative forces inherent in us all.

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