My Story

Escaping from the clutches of full-time employment, in the NHS, in the late nineties, gave me the opportunity to realise a deeply held desire, to do absolutely nothing! Except for walking the dogs and wondering what to do with the rest of my life, I did just that. Boredom and obesity (lack of creative outlet turned my mind to inappropriate eating and drinking behaviours) forced me to examine more health enhancing alternatives. 

As an 8 year old I had been interested in altered states of awareness and unsuccessfully tried to hypnotise a dog who lived next door. Although at that age I was more concerned with controlling the adults around me rather than self discovery. So, this, I decided, would become my second career. The focus was to be humans, as my inability to send an animal into an altered state had become apparent.


After training in London and California as a hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression therapist I set up working mainly one to one with the occasional workshop. Later I added yoga teacher training to my portfolio and recently yin yoga teacher training. 

Training is like passing your driving test. True learning begins once the test is passed. A bit like life. After each ‘test’ or wrong turn the way forward opens, and growth follows. 

Girl painting
Person meditating on a beach

My commitment to altered states of awareness and yoga have been a mainstay throughout difficult periods in my own life, assisting me to develop inner harmony and spiritual connection. The realisation that it is not the events that occur in life but the way you view them gradually dawned through regular practice. Adding yin yoga to the mix greatly facilitated my personal growth and self discovery. Both of which I aim encourage in workshop and retreat participants.

Over many years I have found creative writing and art can spark personal growth and lasting happiness. Both in myself and workshop participants. It ignites imagination, emotional intelligence, and effective communication. Fostering self-discovery, stress relief, and passion revival.Embracing these outlets empowers authentic expression and ultimately an enduring sense of joy.